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The company was started in 1992 as Aerografix, but has evolved into AeroCreations in order to meet the demands of a wider audience.


Stevin Henn started his career as a successful technical illustrator and aviation artist in oil and airbrushing, with a love for scale models.  Throughout the years, his passion and talent coalesced into a thriving business.  AeroCreations can guarantee that customers are provided with end-products of the highest standard and creativity.


AeroCreations employ various tactics, using the latest technology, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, together with handcrafted products, to deliver models built with precise accuracy and detail.  Our team handles the drawing, creation of the masters, mold making, casting, assembly and spray painting.  We are leaders in the field when it comes to providing the Industry with fully detailed scale models of a large array of products. We also help with the development of new ideas and prototypes.

With outstanding creativity we have produced various unique trophies and awards.  Through our specialized spray painting techniques we have met any requirements sought by our clients in terms of texture and color.  We produce resin kits of various South African Military vehicles and planes, and from time to time update it to build a wider range. With this we also offer the service to custom-build and finish any scale model currently on the market for display purposes.

All our products are crafted using materials such as, but not limited to, resin, MDF wood, ABS and Perspex.  In addition we also offer 3D printing services, and the upgrade of 3D printed products. 


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To be recognised internationally as the best scale model building company, with uncompromised quality and attention to detail.


Passion, Attention to detail, Effort, Client Satisfaction, Innovation


We will empower our employees to be professional, to produce excellent products and services for our customers, creating a sustainable company that grows our legacy.