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     Scale model builder


We are looking for a creative and dexterous young person living in or near the Centurion area, who can join our team of professional model builders.  We have a well-established client base and is known for our quality and attention to detail. We offer an opportunity for a skilled young individual to start a career as a Scale Model builder.  This is a challenging and unique working opportunity and a hugely satisfying choice as it requires a high degree of multitasking and skill.

Job description

Applicants should be proficient in working with their hands and able to translate or create computer generated 2D and 3D drawings in order to build smaller scale replicas of products required.  



Tasks include

Doing 3D drawings or Reading- and interpreting drawings
• Visualizing designs in 3D .
• Setting up and operating machines, such as lathes, drill presses, or band saws, to fabricate prototypes or models.
• Layout and mark reference points and dimension on materials, using measuring instruments and drawing or scribing tools.
• Grinding, filing, and sanding parts to specified dimensions.
• Study photos, drawings, or sketches, and compute dimensions for laying out materials and planning model production.
• Using a laser cutter and software
• Making and planning silicone molds (mold making) 
• Casting of Resin components
• Sanding castings to prepare for final assembly (model building) 
• Planning and management of storage area, that includes packaging of masters and molds.
• Cutting of wooden bases and boxes with laser cutter.



Candidate requirements

A Higher qualification or job experience in graphic/technical design, model making or 3D design.  the candidate must have/be able to do the following

• Must be able to read and/or create 3D drawings in Coral draw or Vector/Rhino or similar.
• Technical drawing experience
• Scratch-build experience
• Good communication skills. 
• Creative problem solving. 
• Able to follow instructions. 
• Considerable hand skills
• Project planning 
• General understanding of workplace conditions. 
• Reliable, own transport with Drivers license.

Contract terms and conditions negotiable.
Samples / evidence of work done must be provided

Job Location: 124 Golf Avenue Clubview West Centurion, Gauteng 0157

Please send your CV to lynne@aerocreations.co.za using reference ACSMBW.

Candidates that have been selected will (where possible) first have to complete a paid, two-week, trial period, where their skills and teamwork will be assessed, before an appointment to a permanent position will be considered.